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• 24/7 Customer Support Service
• Special Signal and Analysis Support for Our Customers
• Dynamic Staff and 100% Customer Satisfaction Oriented Structure
• Low Costs
• Backup Service Wherever You Are in The World
• Reliable and Sincere Service

RAKICC Licence

XB Fintech Data Services (XB Extreme Brokers) is licensed and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Commission (RAKICC). GBL / Category 1 Investment Vendor (Full Service Reseller Excluding Insurance) License No: ICC20200601, pursuant to Securities Act Section 29, Securities Rule 2007 and Financial Service Rules 2008 Rule 4.License No : ICC20200601

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• 24/7 Customer Support Service
• Special Signal and Analysis Support for Our Customers
• Dynamic Staff and 100% Customer Satisfaction Oriented Structure
• Low Costs
• Backup Service Wherever You Are in The World
• Reliable and Sincere Service


Custom pricing for your desired term with the futures option

Trade by seeing the market depth

FIFO transactions with or without Hedge.

Conditional order and OCO Order features


Nearly 200 spot and futures parity

World stock markets

Detailed product pages

Gram, Ounce, USD and TRY Gold Transactions


Meta Trader 5

User friendly interface

Easy Order Entry, one click transaction

Advanced graphics package

Technical analysis tools with 100 technical indicators


Personal account options

Parity, tight spreads on precious metal products



Continuously renewed analysis for all major products

Informing about the products you will choose via SMS

24 hour analysis and transaction support

Strategy tracking feature


Parity is currency pairs that show the value of one country currency against another country's currency. In the Forex market, every transaction on the parity is done by selling one currency and purchasing the other.


Precious Metals

CFD is an investment instrument, which stands for Contract for Difference. Although the history of CFD markets is not as deep-rooted as parity pairs, these markets have been developing since the 1990s.



Using the B Extreme Brokers trading platform, you can trade on the prices of the world's most well-known stock indices such as S&P 500, CAC 40, NASDAQ 100, FTSE 100, DAX 30, NIKKEI 225.



Investment tools such as gold, oil, natural gas, silver in particular; XB Extreme Brokers privilege is one of the main commodities that you can buy and sell in the Forex market.


Extreme Broker Forex

XB FINTECH DATA SERVICES LIMITED was established in 2013 with its personnel from domestic (Dubai) and abroad, who have come together with over 30 years of experience in many areas of financial markets, aiming to provide a superior and different service to its investors. XB EXTREME BROKERS, which was established to make a difference with its service understanding in the capital market, was approved by the UAE (DUBAI) on 19.04.2014.

The capital of XB FINTECH DATA SERVICES LIMITED is $ 20,000,000, fully paid. The most important feature that distinguishes XB EXTREME BROKERS from other brokerage houses is the new standards in the quality of service provided to customers. As XB EXTREME BROKERS family, we believe that our individual customers should have access to market information and analysis as well as professional investors, and our customers can access MARKET DATA, LIVE SESSION ROOM, INTERACTIVE ECONOMIC CALENDAR and SUPPORT / RESISTANCE reports free of charge, direct messages with our research unit, Financial We present our portal XB NEWS.

We are proud to offer XB EXTREME BROKERS competitive prices of the world's leading banks to individual investors through Swissquote Bank, which we have agreed as a liquidity provider.

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I bought a car with the money
I earned thanks to the correct analysis you gave.
I am grateful to you.

Best regards Tati Jr.
Thanks to your professional team,
I made a quick profit in the Forex market. Thank you.

Best Regards Mary
I have a jewelery shop.
Thank you for doing Hadge transactions.

Best Regards Mahmud Q.
Thanks to the Chinese speaking customer service staff,
I quickly resolved the issue I was having. Thanks XB Extreme Brokers Family.
Best Regards Petir
This is a very fast platform. And if I want to reach out to your customer advisors kindly, I have been successful every time.

Best Regards  Ahmedi
I have traded in many Forex companies. I ran into different problems. I did not even get an answer to my mails. But everything is perfect with XB Extreme Brokers.
Best Regards Fiyo Arc.
I am very pleased with your company that made a special campaign by calling me on my birthday.

Thank you Norah
Thank you for depositing my winnings to my account immediately after the transactions I made yesterday.

Thank you for everything.Adrian
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